the designer
I have obsessed over design for more than 15 years (probably longer if you count designing and building sites to document the concerts I attended as a teen), here are some important things I've learned along the way:
the writer
Giving the User a Seat at the Table
"Know your audience" holds true in product design, too.
April 28, 2021 -

Designing for the Breakup
Why endings are a product design problem worth solving.
March 5, 2021 - &

Say This Three Times Fast: Parenting, Promotion, Pandemic
When home and work collide, just put one foot in front of the other.
September 8, 2020 -

the person
Based in Brooklyn, NY.

My quarantine hobby is sewing clothes for a toddler. When not quarantining due to a global pandemic, I'm usually off exploring the world.

👋 Say hi, I love chatting about design, travel, and being a mama.
A lenticular image of Liz in mid flight of a jump.
Senior Product Designer, Present
Lead Product Designer, 2020-2021
Senior Product Designer, 2017-2020
Solving digital product problems with research, strategy, and design. Clients include Mailchimp, The Obama Foundation, SageSure, Goldman Sachs, and WeWork.
Senior Product Designer, 2016-2017
User-experience and visual design. Projects included redesign of club pages and the company's first Android app.
Hard Candy Shell
Senior Product Designer, 2012-2016
Designer for relaunch of major publications including The New York Post, The New Republic, and Serious Eats. Other clients include KCRW, YETI, and Streeteasy.
Art Director, 2011-2012
iPad app design for Fast Company and promotional sites for Showtime’s Homeland and Dexter.
Art Director, 2008-2010
360-Campaigns for Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, Jetblue and Royal Caribbean Cruises; specializing in digital advertising.
thehappycorp global
Designer, 2006-2008
Branding, web, print and packaging for clients such as Anhueser-Busch, Brooklyn Brewery, Heeb Magazine, Idealist and Babygooroo.