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Exploring the possibilities of the PDF as an interactive format—in a time before the iPad.

project note

The iPad revolutionized print publications. It opened up ways to transform a traditionally flat format into an immersive and interactive experience. This further pushes for a more ephemeral interpretation of the medium.

In 2007, before the release of the iPad, the LVHRD MGZN team (pronounced live-hard magazine)  pushed the boundaries by exploring the possibilities of PDF as an interactive format.

I exploited space constraints by using introducing scrollable galleries, embedded videos, and used cursor rollovers to change states of pages.

This is an example of the type of project that excites me as a designer when I started and still very much the case today: how can I leverage technology to deliver content to the audience in novel and delightful experience?
LVHRD MGZN Issue 3 cover by Paul Pope. Cover image animated on cursor hover.


Design Director
Responsibilities included design direction, spread layout and developing PDF interaction.

Project completed in 2007 at thehappycorp global.