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The New Republic

Ushering a 100-year-old American publication's digital experience into the modern age.

project note

The New Republic is an American publication covering politics and culture.

Project requirements included redesigning the site with the guidance of the magazine’s creative director, Dirk Barnett; ensuring a seamless responsive experience from large to small screen sizes, and to consider the UX of users who are on-the-go.

One of the biggest focus was to make long-form articles more enjoyable to read. This resulted in features like: progress bar to indicate length of article, read-later integrations, select-to-share feature, and ability to change text size. With respect to the print version, I've also designed a sidebar for footnotes.
Featured article layout on desktop
Reading progress bar, article controls, and footnote.
Top left: Audio story queue
Top right: Add story to read later apps
Bottom left: Highlight-to-share feature
Bottom right: Image gallery
Featured article tablet breakpoint
Article marginalia panel expanded


Role & Team

Senior Designer

Team included creative director and UX designer.

Project completed in 2013 at Hard Candy Shell.